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Create an elegant atmosphere

It's an unbalanced dress with wrap details!

With a neat and tidy shirt collar

The upper body line gives a calm feeling,

The bottom hem of the skirt with unique unbalanced details

Adds a feminine vibe

Guest look, office look, in a formal setting

I highly recommend a shirt dress that shines even more♥


The color is beige and black two colors.



Elasticity: None

Thickness: Moderate

See-through: Light colors may be see-through


FREE size (recommended 44-66)

Fit may vary depending on body type.

Be sure to check the actual measurements below before purchasing!

FREE size_one side (shoulder 34/chest 46/waist 50/sleeve 56/armhole 24/length 78-104)

* The size may have 1-3cm error depending on the measurement location and measurement method. *

* It may be expressed differently depending on the lighting of the place where the picture was taken or the brightness of the user's monitor. *

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